Pomar GRIP+ winter soles

Total confidence of snow and ice.

Maximum slip resistance for extreme winter weather. Pomar GRIP+ soles are some of the most advanced cold weather gripping systems. Tried, tested and worn daily above the Arctic circle, in -35°C.

Inspired by winter tyres, built to prevent slipping and falling.

Pomar spike

Pomar spike sole with fixed studs, is engineered for total confidence in icy conditions. Constructed with lightweight EVA rubber and steel studs, Pomar spike sole bites into sheet-ice, offering maximum slip resistance and traction. (Not recommended for indoor use)

Pomar Winter GRIP+

Designed to power through snow and ice, with advanced winter-rubber compounds which provide traction and stay soft even in freezing temperatures.  

The deep lugs and a spaced tread pattern provide additional grip and traction in loose snow.

Pomar Nordic GRIP+

A combination of advanced winter-rubber and aggressive tread provide maximum slip resistance and stability in winter conditions.

The serrated tread prevents slipping and provides extra grip during severe Nordic weather. Padded and made from advanced winter rubber compounds, Nordic GRIP+ provides traction and stays soft in freezing temperatures - ideal for snowy trails or city streets

Pomar Trail GRIP+

Pomar Trail GRIP+ is an advanced winter sole with double density rubber, a special composite rubber which keeps its grip qualities in sub-zero temperatures.

The deep tread offers maximum traction in a variety of winter conditions from rain to snow, whilst the low profile offers a light feel on city streets and country trails.

Pomar City GRIP+

City GRIP+ offers maximum traction on a very low-profile out-sole.

Optimum slip resistance on a thin-profile is achieved by combining a mixture of rubber densities which stay soft and grippy in freezing temperatures, with a mixed tread pattern designed to prevent slipping.

The sole tread with thin and wide slits, expands under pressure to maximise grip and traction- keeping you moving in cold weather environments.


ANTI-SLIP is a device designed to prevent slipping in icy conditions.

The retractable metal spikes of the ANTI-SLIP give you traction on ice, and as the metal anti-slip device is retractable, you can manually flip it ‘on' and 'off’ when needed. So you can enter your home, shopping mall or other premises where ‘metal spikes’ are banned.



The GRIP+ logo indicates advanced cold weather soles designed for optimum slip resistance in hazardous winter weather.