Foot Measuring Guide

Ordering footwear online store is not always easy. To help you find the right size we've added some instructions below. The quick guide will help you find your size, saving time, money and helps nature.

How to measure your feet


Draw the soles of your feet 

  • Place a piece of paper against a wall
  • Stand with your full weight on the paper with your heel touching the wall
  • Draw both legs on the paper. You can also ask a friend to draw your feet for you.


Measure the longest point of your feet with a ruler or tape measure


  • Measure the length of each of your feet in millimeters from the heel to the longest point of the toes.
  • The longest point may be your big toe or another toe.
  • Next, add approx. 7 mm to the reading you get.  
    • For Sandals only add 2-4mm.
    • Add up to 10 mm if you want to use a wool sock.
  • Compare the reading with the "Inner shoe length" measurements in the product information. Note lengths varies by shoe.


For example, the length of the right leg is 238 mm and the left leg is 240 mm. Add 5 mm according to the bigger leg, total 245 mm. Choose size 37 from the AAVA ankle boots (inside length in AAVA size 37 is 243 mm).

Note Pomar's footwear is slightly larger compared to European footwear. There is more room for the heel and toes. If a wide last is indicated in the product, there is more space in the shoe. More about the scope of the train here.

Most Pomar shoes have a removable insole, which can be changed to a thinner or thicker one if necessary. This is how you get added or removed space.